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Inner dissatisfaction with Christians

May 31, 2010

There’s something not quite right with the people at church.

Cell groups are formed.

Prayer  requests are put up.

People meet once a week. A prayer is done for each person.

And then, goodbye.

A person goes into a season of despair,loss, sadness, bleakness etc.

What does the cell group do?

They do the usual routine of just meeting every certain day of the week, pray once on that day and that’s IT.

No encouragement,no empathy etc.

Is this what God taught us to be?

Whatever happened to fruits of the Spirit?

This is what gets me so irritated with the  people who believe in God.

They don’t seem to apply much into their lives and towards the  people around them.

They just completely do the routine work of pleasing Him and knowing they have done their task of the week.

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