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The Gung-ho Cooking Mission

May 9, 2010

My church group was  due for the weekly charity breakfast service.

Being absolutely gung-ho about it, I decided I would contribute laksa  and cupcakes.

And there were some who doubted that the cupcakes wouldn’t sell.

There were countless praises and people asking my friends to see ‘the person who cooked it’…and when they saw me, they looked mighty surprised.

A young girl, be able to come up with laksa from scratch. I can almost see the bubble forming widely above their heads.

However, some comments were really hurtful such as ” Why…today you want to become a maid ah..” (making cooking sound such a lowly position in society when it is such a fundamental part of life and what you eat determines how healthy you are) or after they asked how did I make the laksa or where I bought it from and I replied, “It was made from scratch.” I heard a friend’s mother commenting that it is probably made from Prima Deli’s paste from scratch. I couldn’t help but notice a couple of jealous or disbelieving church members. It is so disheartening considering I did spend one whole afternoon with Pat, Del and my wonder maid doing up the paste from scratch plus 5 hours of deshelling,cooking, cutting noodles, preparing the laksa leaves etc from scratch with 4 other friends.

I did all of this because I felt that with the little gifts that I had, one way to pay back or give back to God was to serve the people through cooking.

However, despite those nasty comments, I was so touched when a lady requested to see me and told me that the laksa was SO nice and she asked if I was going to cook the next week. I shook my head and smiled. She looked so disappointed and then asked  me if  I could make one whole pot for her upcoming party and sell it to her. Unfortunately, I had scalded my hand and I didn’t forsee myself making large batches of laksa so quickly. She looked so disappointed again and said that it would be good if  I could sell it but make it in a more efficient way.

Ah well, the next time I’m on duty, perhaps I might make it for her to eat.

As for the cupcakes, it started being sold slowly but with my friends pushing it…and they kept buying it for themselves without letting other people try and this lady who came back  to buy a whopping 15 pieces from me. I was laughing so hard when one of my friends found out there was a couple leftover and refused to let anyone buy it except him because he said the feeling he got was orgasmic. Another guy said, “Really?” and the greedy friend was nodding  away. It got sold completely.  I was shocked but happy because I knew people out there needed a boost of happiness.

Chocolates may not be the answer to happiness but they do give a boost to your dayso that you can feel a little better about yourself at the very least. The last thing on earth you should feel is feel bad about yourself and for yourself.

Gungho mission is now complete.

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