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Gardening: Orchids

April 24, 2010

After the tramautic year, I left my orchids to a corner.

And boy they came back with a revenge.

5 orchid pots, side by side, with no care and concern from anyone ended up in a big horrific mess.

One orchid plant worth of roots would coil around two other orchid plants and vice versa.

Cutting their roots to dis-entangle them was a hard choice but the operation had to be done to undo this terrible mess.

It’s amazing how orchids do not need soil and all they survive on is: Water, Air and Charcoal.

Refilling up the pots and new pots with charcol, we had to trim the orchids at the right places so that it would grow.

So note to self: Always cut the orchid stem below a new root and put it into a new pot. Fill with plenty of charcoal and ensure that the roots are inside not sprawling outside like Medusa.

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