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Gardening: Caring for the Basil

April 24, 2010

I have been having strong urges to take charge of my half-dying basil plant.

Every basil plant I bring into the house enters in full bloom giving us wonderful basil leaves.

Give it 3 weeks and we see half of it gone with no live.

Today, I stopped by a nursery near my abode and had a chat with Myint, a soft-spoken Myanmese lady who obviously knew her stuff.

1.) Basil needs sunlight, not FULL Singapore sunlight. Instead it needs just the morning and late afternoon sunlight. So pick a place that has gentle sunlight.

2.) Water it dutifully.

3.) Loosen the soil once in awhile.

4.) Give it nutrients (organic fertiliser) every 2 weeks with phostrogen and add some good compost into the soil.

5.) Give it a big pot to grow. I chose a big rectangular one because I love basil.

6.) Remove the centre leaves always.

7.) Make sure you trim the plant so that it does not grow more than 1 feet in height. This is to ensure a steady supply of basil.

8.) If you see the stalks turning black, remove it.

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