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April 11, 2010

On my daily walks, I would walk past a couple of houses that paste Chinese couplets right near their door. Not wanting to look like some sneak, I didn’t want to take photos of them instead I chose to search it via Google in Chinese.

This Chinese couplet hit me right away.

For those who are terrible or know nothing about Chinese, you pronounce it as “Xing An Ping An” (that’s in the correct Hanyu Pinyin) or in English pronounciation “Sing Eun Ping Eun”.

It basically means that if your heart is in peace, everything else would become stable and peaceful as well. It makes sense doesn’t it?

But I do have a question, shouldn’t it be when your mind is in peace, then your heart will be in peace? It’s probably a chicken and egg question but then and again, this is the advice from thousand year old sages who leave behind wise sayings for us.

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