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The groggy morning

April 4, 2010

My wondermaid praised for the rain that started last night citing that everyone would sleep extremely well.

I didn’t sleep well at all due to the bad dreams that seem to flash past every time I close my eyes.

In my groggy-ness and mild ennui, I walked and bumped into the guy that I had a very sweet spot for the longest time like since…………………….9-10 years ago?

Great, the morning rain added to the ambience for a nice friendly chat, I looked for once pleasant (thanks to shu-uermura) and he looked all fresh and purposeful but I had to have my insides crumbling because I had a couple of internal arguments with my spirit and God.

All I could say to his friendly smile and questions of “Happy Easter, how are you? Where are you heading later?” was…

“Happy Easter! I’m going to go grocery shopping because I’m going to make KIMCHI!” and smiled very purposefully and walked off.

At that point in time, I couldn’t care less what he thought of me. I needed to get my ginger to make my darn KIMCHI. But on the other side of my brain, I could just hear “That was stupid! You should have just stayed to talk more to him!”

My legs just wanted to make KIMCHI and my brain was aching to sleep.

As Pat reads this, I would know her first reaction.


I better make a darn good batch of kimchi.

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