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April 1, 2010

As part of my relaxation process, I decided to clean up my car. Afterall, the untidiness of it bugged me quite a bit but didn’t get me enough to start cleaning it up. For those who have sat in my car, you probably wouldn’t have noticed. It’s from my driver’s seat that I notice the tardiness.


The cleaning bug got to me and as I walked past a whole line of potted plants, specifically my Elizabeth Hass plant, I saw weeds. I sometimes get upset with my wondermaid because I do expect her to ensure that my plants do not have to fight space with weeds.

So I got down to pulling out the weeds of every potted plant and metaphorically, it got to me that how our lives are parallel to the potted plants.

We could be blooming away but have we looked down and hard to see what really drags us from growing? Small weeds are hardly noticeable, in fact, plants can continue to grow and flower with the small weeds.

It’s just that when you leave them in your lives (or in the pot) for too long, the roots of the weeds get longer, deeper AND thicker. When you do notice the size of the weeds, you decide to take it out. And when you do, you’ll notice that just taking out a bigger weed would mean a lot more soil being lost. Simply because the weeds have grown around larger amounts of soil. It’s taking away a chunk of the nutrients and foundation that you live on.

My question next is, what are the “weeds” in our lives?

It could be crappy friends, bad habits of ours, attitude, issues, even borderline-incapability of making decisions, cursing, untidy work environments, etc.

I think I’ll need de-weeding. Anyone wants to join in?

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