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The Background

March 13, 2010

Basically, my health took a hit. Never before in twenty-something years of my life have I faced something so scary. I thought having chickenpox at 8 was scary already.

My world came crumbling two months ago. Unhappy & Unhealthy. The worst combination.

I decided to quit my job, heal myself properly through a x-months break of going for physiotherapy, medical massages like tuina (don’t see anymore ignorant doctors), do yoga/pilates, do things I like and appreciate life and pick up from there.

So what’s this blog all about? Just chronicling my healing journey, things that make me smile, focusing on the small things that can make your day brighter so that the big things don’t get to you etc.


I was hit by RSI–known as Repetitive Strain Injury.

How did it feel like?

A sudden loss of ability to click the mouse. Numbness. Pain exacerbating and shooting up right to the arm. Pins and needles. Weakness.

The inconveniences:

– I could not eat with two of my hands. Could not use chopsticks nor use fork and spoon together.

-Could not cut a steak with my two hands. The further I could go was jabbing a piece of steak with my fork.

-Drove the car in pain, had pain while turning the wheel.

-Hot water felt like lukewarm water to me. (That was a defining moment for me)

-Typed in pain (still am)

-Could not hold onto my handphone or cordless phone too long.

-Could not hold my cup for more than 30 seconds.

-Could not open doors (thank God for automatic doors)

-Even pushing the taps to wash my hands required a lot of effort.

So here’s what people thought, ranging from friends from various social circles to colleauges even up to bosses.

 People thought I was either

a.) faking it/ overexaggerating it.

b.) psychologically mad

c.) had something seriously wrong with my cells.

d.) had a possiblity of mutiple sclerosis (thanks to an incompetent doctor)

e.) just a bout of depression

f.) Thought it was funny for awhile ” Hey, we should put a handicap sign for you..”

g.) “She’ll get well in a few weeks..”

h.) ” Oh dear.” * Worried look*

Could anyone possibly understand?

The answer is NO..

until it hits you.

When you’re a RSI patient, those will be the responses you get.

It can be disappointing and even depressing.

Be depressed, cry it all out and then start finding solutions.

Don’t take too long or else you’ll  lose your life.

The first best thing I found out while I was depressed?

Sleep on the floor. Yes, that hard floor. It will be the best bed you can ever find. 

That’s step zero point one.

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